The first bank-backed Cryptocurrency Exchange in Turkey and the second in the world: Bitmatrix

Turkey's largest privately-owned investment bank, Aktif Bank, has become the first Turkish bank to invest in the crypto asset service sector, through its subsidiary, Attivo Bilisim A.S. The Bitmatrix Crypto Asset Trading Platform, established by Attivo, is the second bank-backed platform in the world. Attivo, which will also begin offering crypto asset storage services in the second half of 2019, aims at becoming Turkey’s blockchain center by undertaking long-term R & D activities for blockchain technology, alongside with providing support for incubation, investment, funding and training.

We think that crypto asset exchanges should be as reliable as at least a bank as an establishment where customers/investors entrust their crypto assets. In this respect, we have established Attivo with the belief that a corporate and professional management approach should be brought to the crypto assets market. We brought Bitmatrix to life with our expert software staff, in order to meet the need for a crypto exchange in which people can buy and sell crypto assets with confidence. Based on best practices, we have established a highly secure structure with our local and international business partners. We are proud of being the first cryptocurrency exchange directly backed by a bank in our country. We believe that Blockchain technology will have a revolutionary effect in many sectors, especially in payment systems and we aim to contribute to the active participation of our country with this change.

What is on the Road Map?

The road map will be updated and presented to the public on a quarterly basis.

2019 Q1: Min. 15Cryptocurrencies
2019 Q2: International USD/EUR Deposits
2019 Q2: Launch of the BITMATRIX.10 Index
2019 Q3: Crypto Collateralized Loan Transactions
2019 Q3: BITMATRIX.10 Index CFD Contracts or Margin Trading Transactions
2020 H2: Decentralized Exchange (DEX)