About Us

Attivo Bilişim A.Ş. was established in March 2018 as an indirect subsidiary of Aktif Bank, Turkey's largest private investment bank, to undertake long-term R&D activities for blockchain technology, to develop blockchain-based products and projects and to support creative ideas and initiatives in this area through investment and training activities.

We plan to implement various business models complementary to blockchain technology and the crypto assets sector with different brands under the roof of Attivo.


Our first brand, Bitmatrix, will serve as a crypto asset trading platform and is designed based on international best practices and equipped with bank level security. Bitmatrix is the second bank-backed crypto asset platform worldwide. It has been established with the belief that a corporate and professional management approach should come to the crypto asset market.

Bitmatrix is being put into service to meet the need for a cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy and sell crypto assets and put them into custody with confidence. Backed by Aktif Bank's capital strength and financial knowledge, we expect Bitmatrix to be an anchor for the crypto assets sector in terms of cyber security, corporate governance, good practices, service quality and consumer protection.