Why Bitmatrix
Cold Wallet with Multiparty Threshold ECDSA
In our cold wallet solution we use the most sophisticated cryptologic methods enabling you to safe keep your crypto assets such as the Zero-Knowledge Proof and Multiparty Threshold Signature Scheme. Bitmatrix cold wallet solution is secure against hacking and cyber-attacks by means of computational and provable security.
Proof of Reserves Audit
Crypto asset exchanges may not really own the crypto assets that they claim to hold on behalf of their customers due to internal-external fraud or software-related bugs. According to the principle of transparency, Bitmatrix will conduct annual audits to determine whether the amount of crypto assets in their wallets meets all of the liabilities to customers and will make the results public.
Crypto Asset Assurance Fund (CAAF)
We secure customers' crypto assets with the CAAF. The CAAF will be created by transferring 10% of all fees we received from the customers until it reaches the amount of crypto assets in our hot wallets. When this amount is reached, 100% of customers' crypto assets will be stored in the cold wallet, while the hot wallet will consist entirely of crypto assets belonging to the CAAF. Thus, even if a security breach occurs on the Bitmatrix platform, client assets will not be affected. 
Information Systems Management
  • Information Security
  • Effective, Reliable and Uninterrupted Service
  • Real-time Internal Control and Monitoring
  • Risk Management
  • Penetration Test
  • Emergency and Contingency Plans
  • Audit Logs
  • Principle of Separation of Tasks
  • Annual IT Audit

Simple but Comprehensive

  • High performance
  • User Friendly Professional Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Night Mode Option
  • Professional Graphics & Analysis Techniques

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