We, as Attivo Bilişim A.Ş., in our capacity as data protection officer, wish to inform you about the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“Law”) published on the Official Gazette dated 7 April 2016 and numbered 29677.

Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data and its Legal Justifications

Your personal data is processed for the purposes of fulfilling the legal and administrative liabilities of our Company; registry of identity, address and other necessary information for establishing the veracity of the information of the person executing the transaction; arrangement of all records and documents, which will serve as a base for any transactions you will execute with our Company via electronic channels, and custody of the same as long as it is projected under the legislation; ensuring compliance with domestic and international regulations; fulfilling liabilities stipulated by authority bodies such as maintenance of information and documents, reporting, risk monitoring, information sharing and information liabilities; engagements related to planning, statistics and enhancing service quality; prevention of fraud, ensuring security; execution of intelligence, information request researches and evaluations pertaining to our Company’s products and services that you requested; managing our legal processes; fulfilling liabilities towards you pertaining to any transactions that you execute with our Company.

Person/Institutions to which Your Personal Data may be Transferred

In cases where legislation allows, your personal data may be transferred to any persons or institutions, or official institutions for which provisions of legislation allow/enforce information sharing; to project/program partner organizations from which we procure services to carry out our activities, to domestic/international organizations, organizations from which we receive support and consultancy services, and independent audit companies.

Method of Collecting Your Personal Data

Your personal data may be collected by means of channels, verbally, in writing, visually or in the electronic environment, such as Head Office, physical environments, internet site, mobile and digital applications, internet transactions, SMS channels, companies from which we receive services and the call center.

Your Rights

By applying to our Company, you have the right to:

By applying to our Company, you have the right to:

a) By applying to our Company, you have the right to:

b) Demand information, if it is processed,

c) Request the purpose of processing and whether these are used appropriately,

d) Know the third parties to which your personal data has been transferred either domestic / abroad,

e) Request correction if your personal data has been processed deficiently or faultily,

f) Request deletion or destruction as per the terms stipulated under article 7 of the Law,

g) Request deletion or destruction as per the terms stipulated under article 7 of the Law,

h) request notification of transactions executed as per the above subclauses (e) and (f) to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred,

i) Object to the occurrence of a result against you due to analysis only on automated systems,

j) Request compensation of any loss if you incur said loss due to the illegal processing of your personal data.

To ensure the fulfillment of your requests, any and all expenses to be incurred by our Company may be demanded from you as per the tariff specified under article 13 of the Law titled “application to Data Protection Officer”.