Security Warnings And Recommendations

Do you know that between 2.3 and 3.7 million Bitcoins are lost or stolen?

What should you pay attention to?

$ 115 Million
$ 103 Million
Software and storage
$ 7.4 Million
$ 4 Thousand
Ponzi Schemes

Strategies of Crypto Thieves

Siber Saldırı
Brute Force Attacks
Automated software captures your password by trial and error.
The hacker crosses the back and accesses your assets. 
Telefon-Taşıma İşlemi
Phone Transport & SMS Breaking
The hacker captures your phone number through the operator’s customer service or breaks the SMS verification system you use to login.
Resets your account password and zeroes out your crypto assets.
Kimlik Avı ve Diğer Sosyal Mühendislik Taktikleri
Phishing and Social Engineering Tactics
The hacker captures your personal information through fake emails and fake web sites.
Using social media, he collects detailed information about the victim and performs a personal attack.
Ponzi Şemaları
The Ponzi Schemes
Users with a multi-level marketing structure, enable others to join the Ponzi scheme by giving them attractive bonuses.

The promise of disproportionate high yield always results in the breaking of the scheme and the loss of your entire assets.

Safety Warnings and Recommendations

Check that the website you visit is, the URL starts with https: //, and the security certificate information that appears in the address bar.
Always have your mobile phone and tablet with you.
Never share your personal information with anyone, even with a Bitmatrix employee.
Beware of phishing emails that seem to come from Bitmatrix. Make sure that the anti-phishing code in the upper right corner of the email is the code you specified.
Use licensed and updated software, especially antivirus.
Make sure your Internet connection is secure. Do not use wifi open to the public.
Do not click on files attached to links or emails.
Do not leave your computer without turning it off.
Encrypt your emails with the PGP.
Use the Fido U2F to raise your security level.
Use a new email address and a new password for Bitmatrix that you haven't used before.
Periodically change your registered email password and Bitmatrix login password.
Every time you log into Bitmatrix, you will be notified by email. By designating Bitmatrix's official email account as 'VIP', you can enable that the emails that we send to you appear on your mobile phone screen so that you can be notified immediately of unauthorized access to your account.